It is possible to be happy and without fear!
KRI Level One in Maui Hawaii starting in March 2015

Sat Nam. Greetings and best wishes.

“I do not know any work that is more important for the evolution of humanity’s collective consciousness and our own evolution as spiritual beings, than to heal the wounds that block us from fulfilling our destiny and prevent us from feeling satisfied with life, and then to learn how to help others heal their wounds.”

Sat Santokh is a leader in the field of transformational social change workshops, and the application of yogic technology to living in the world while caring about it deeply.
A former manager of the Grateful Dead, he is the senior Kundalini Yoga teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. After leading workshops for over thirty-five years, he has spent the last ten years working on developing an understanding of the nature of self worth issues and how to effectively address them.

Healing The Wounds Of Life

Virtually all of us have been wounded, whether it was once or twice, occasionally, or regularly. We find that we are blocked by fears of lack of self worth. Sometimes we try to prove we are worthy, but nothing ever seems to be enough.

Creating Our Future

The Creating Our Future project will provide training for youth and adults on both separate and shared tracks, based on the clear conviction that we will not have peace in the world without eliminating abuse of children.

Kundalini Yoga

An ancient discipline developed over thousands of years in India and Tibet. It provides for your self-directed growth: physically, emotionally and psychologically. It stimulates ones creativity, and is intended for people who maintain households and live and work in the real world.

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What does it mean to be conscious in these times?

The separation between my spiritual practice and social change work has disappeared. If the fundamental issue is how to change the consciousness of enough people to make a difference, then the major work for each of us to undertake is to learn how to transform our own consciousness—to open our hearts and love one another and ourselves, and then to share that ability with as many other people as possible.