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    • Celebrate Winter Solstice
    • Be happy
    • Sat Santokh Slider II

      “I do not know any work that is more important for the evolution of humanity’s collective consciousness and our own evolution as spiritual beings, than to heal the wounds that block us from fulfilling our destiny and prevent us from feeling satisfied with life, and then to learn how to help others heal their wounds.”

    Winter Solstice Celebration

    4 PM Saturday, December 20 at the Berkeley Yoga Center
    4 PM Sunday, December 21 at Yoga Tree Portrero Hill
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    Self Worth Weekend Workshop in Kula, Maui

    Dec 12 – 7 PM to , Dec 14 - 6PM
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    We all come into the world innocent and able to love. Violent physical and emotional abuse of children changes them into agents of violence and war; therefore, we must end this abuse of children to have a world at Peace. Learn more on our new website.

    A weekend residential Creating Our Future Workshop in the Santa Cruz mountain country. Listen learn discuss plan contribute share give receive with others who wish to bring an end to violent physical and emotional abuse of children.


    Your Donations for Creating Our Future are highly appreciated

    I have devoted many years of my life to understanding what I have come to call, "The Wounds of Life": what they are; how they impact us and shape our lives; how to heal them and change the stories we tell ourselves; and, most recently and most significantly, how to train others to do the same. Each of us, through the circumstances of our birth, the things that have been done to us, the things that have happened to us, the things we have done ourselves, have been wounded in one way or another.

    For many, the wounds are such that there is suffering to the extent that happiness in life is virtually inconceivable, with life being a struggle to cope. And, for those who are relatively privileged, it is about being able to give oneself permission to experience happiness and contentment in the major aspects (spiritual, emotional, physical, financial) of life. I wish to share the liberating experience of healing one's wounds, to help each person change their stories, no matter how egregious these wounds might be,

    so that we can welcome abundance into our lives and fulfill our destinies. I continue to travel the world leading these workshops because of how important I feel it is to do this work and to teach others how to do it. Yogi Bhajan said, "Happiness is your birthright." He was telling us that it is possible to be happy, that it is OK to be happy, and that we can be happy now, in this life time - and without fear. I wish to share this with you and as widely as possible in the world...

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    Excerpts of my upcoming book

    I have been asking myself how I can best be useful towards the evolution of our (humanity’s) collective consciousness for most of my life, beginning, perhaps, when I was twelve years old, and in some ways, going back to when I was six. Asking what can I do myself, and what would be useful for those of us who share the desire to serve, to do collectively. What can I do, and what can we do? These two questions have been the driving force of my life.

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